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Kiln Services

-We fire in a 23.5" x 23" Cone Arts Kiln

-$12 per shelf or $36 for a full kiln (plus tax).

-We have a 3 week turn around. We will have your pieces fired and ready for pick up within 3 weeks. This allows us to plan our class firings and fill empty space in the kiln with other pieces. 

-We generally prefer if renters of our kiln service use clay we sell in the shop (Tucker's Cone 6), but if you are confident with the type of clay you use and know the desired firing temperatures, we are open to accommodating.

-We like to fire our kiln when it's full, so it is suggested to have close to a full kiln before bringing in your pieces (generally about 35-40 pieces). If we have other pieces to be fired from classes or other renters, we will fill the kiln with a mix of pieces. Because of this, we highly suggest you sign the bottom of your pieces with a distinct signature.

-We aren't responsible for damages incurred during transportation (to and from our studio) or throughout the kiln firing process. We will be very careful with your pieces between the time you drop them off and the time you pick them up. If, for any reason, damage happens during the "in between" times, you will be given a fair compensation (usually in the form of a discount on the firing price).

-We offer firing services year round.

-These terms are subject to change as our studio gets busier, but for now, this is how we run our operation. 

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